Spirit, not mind.

I love to be an open-minded person.  I try to judge the word of God by searching, asking, and praying, and recognizing what genuine doubts still plague humanity.  I want to have pure faith and desire to live a pure and holy life dedicated to my creator, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, according to the perfect sacrifice given to me by my brother, His son, Jesus Christ.  I live in faith that what I speak in moments of false faith will be overwritten and forgiven at Judgement because of the limits of my mind’s capacity to understand the things of this holy creator, YHWH.

What I am about to discuss deals with the nature of the spiritual world and its relationship to the physical one.  This is something I do not understand and may not teach.  I am simply, huge disclaimer here, placing my questions here so that those who come with the same questions will not be afraid to approach the Holy One with their questions.  He is greater at explaining our misunderstandings than any human being.  Each of us should act according to the conscience placed within us by the Holy Spirit.  Each of us is growing in faith and conscience.  Much of my understanding is less than that of God.  So please, please, please don’t accept ANY of what I am about to say, unless your own heart understands it. If you do anything, just pray to the God of heaven that I grow in wisdom and understanding, and don’t muddy the already choppy waters of my mind with ANOTHER well reasoned opinion.  I’ve heard many, and they are all reasoned with a desire to honor the faith which gives us life.

I think I’ve previously mentioned that there are some families whose children with autism see images in their home which resemble either children who have died in the home, or armies that fought on the land where their home was built.  These are children with lower function, limited language, and sometimes seizures.  By any definition we understand, they have been plagued by physical circumstances, but who interact with visions of things which, by most definitions, no longer exist.  This is a struggle for me as a Christian, as I believe the majority– if not all!! of our children are innocent of divination, the primary and sinful means which lead one to see such things.  Most churches teach that Christ vehemently forbids any belief in ghosts.  Jesus had a prime opportunity to express this prohibition at his resurrection, when he walked across the sea to visit the disciples while they were fishing (such fun!).  He skips the opportunity to rebuke their theology of ghosts, and simply explains the difference between ghosts and human bodies.  It’s a provocative moment, and really squishes the toes of any pat answers I can come up with about ghosts.

In the modern prophetic movement, there are accounts of those who are gifted in spiritual travel, with the abilities of seeing, hearing, and speaking without mechanical aids across long distance.  Elijah says he saw Gehazi accept Naaman’s payment for his healing (which Elijah did not accept) at the very moment Gehazi accepted them… though they were not in the same location.  Curious, but clearly knowing from long distance.  There is some debate whether Elijah experienced it as his own spirit being there, or if he believed God was simply speaking to him about Gehazi’s experience.  The scriptural depiction, though, is that Elijah says he is there in spirit.

I can’t judge anyone who takes that literally, even thought I am far from believing it was meant literally in the Bible.  It goes against my training in the grammatical-historical method of biblical interpretation, but Christ himself went against the grammatical-historical method when he used a praise song of Asaph from the Psalms to say that “all men are Gods,” to defend himself from the teachers of the Law who told him his divine claims were blasphemous! He is a mysterious LORD indeed.

So, while I was thinking of this and thinking in my spirit about the nature of spirit to spirit communication, I wondered if our Dup15q children are prophetics instead of clairvoyants…  depending on who they glorify in their hearts.  It also makes me wonder if more went on at conception, before they became “handicapped,” where, in their own spirits, they accepted this lot and this state of disability.

It also highlights in my mind how much easier it is to accept a spirit that gives our child forbidden abilities, because it makes us feel hopeful and able, than it is to believe our children are plagued by deaf and dumb spirits in addition to the chromosomal and mental changes brought about by the physical nature of our disorder.  Pretty humbling.  Either way we ought to free them from whatever might draw them away from the Father.

So I offer no solutions, only a lot of questions and one theory about one aspect of our childrens’ lives that your pastor is probably too chicken to try to understand.  (I was once asked as a youth minister’s wife what a parishioner should do with a past episode where an apparition in the bathroom told her to say to her boss that “I’m so-and-so and I’m OK.”  So-and-so turned out to be boss’s daughter… I had no clue why that happened, but nothing like that happened after her repentance, baptism, and life in Christ.  The pastor, by parishioner report, was similarly stumped.  Seances and bringing the dead to life are clearly forbidden in the Bible, and yet Moses and Elijah appeared to the disciples well after their earthly lives.  It is appointed to man once to die, yet Lazarus died twice.   The dead know nothing, and yet Christ knew enough to raise from the dead.  This day you will be with me in paradise, yet Christ went to Sheol before appearing to the Father well after His resurrection. All the pat answers seem trite in a situation like this where the woman had not practiced satanic arts and was as freaked out by the situation as you or I would be!  I have not had this explained to me by God, so I can neither condone, nor condemn.)

… Which leads to other questions that are more sketch and have to do with the prophetic movement that I’m not familiar with yet, so…